A word about our ethos


As a small business it’s easy to imagine that our impact on the environment is insignificant but we know that’s not the case. For us, being in business carries a responsibility and we embrace the opportunity that provides. As such we’re on a journey to constantly improve and refine our approach to sustainability with the aim of minimizing our environmental footprint.

Here are some of the commitments we’ve already made.

  • To work with local food producers and suppliers to reduce food miles.
  • To collaborate with farmers and estates with high environmental and animal welfare standards.
  • To minimize waste and packaging by using glass bottles with a collection system, wooden cutlery from sustainable sources and biodegradable food wrapping.


  • Glass Bottles.
  • Plastic free cling film.
  • Compostable packaging.
  • Local Food from Butchers for Catering.
  • Venison from the hills.
  • Support local causes (Kingussie Football Team, Grantown Football Team, Fundraising Events).
  • Aiming to be leaders in the area.
  • Always improving.
  • Aim to be 100% sustainble.

We recognize there’s more to do and our journey continues.